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How Cold Does La Get in Winter


How Cold Does LA Get in Winter: A Comprehensive Guide

Los Angeles, often associated with warm weather and sunshine, experiences milder winters compared to other parts of the United States. Nevertheless, LA does get chilly during the winter months, especially in the evening and early morning hours. Let’s delve into the details of how cold it can get in the City of Angels during the winter season.

How Cold Does La Get in Winter

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Temperature Ranges in LA

Month Average Low Temperature (°F)
December 46°F
January 48°F
February 49°F

During the winter months, specifically from December to February, the average low temperatures in Los Angeles range from 46°F to 49°F. While this might not seem extremely cold, it’s important to note that temperatures can drop further during particularly chilly nights.

Factors Influencing Temperature in LA

  • Coastal Influence: LA’s proximity to the Pacific Ocean moderates its winter temperatures.
  • Santa Ana Winds: These warm, dry winds can raise temperatures unexpectedly during winter.
  • Elevation: Higher elevations within the city can experience cooler temperatures.

As a result of these factors, the temperature in different parts of LA can vary, with coastal areas generally experiencing milder winters compared to inland regions.

Dressing for Winter in LA

Given the relatively mild winter temperatures in Los Angeles, dressing appropriately is essential. Layering clothing is key, as daytime temperatures can be significantly warmer than evenings. Keep a light jacket or sweater handy for cooler evenings and early mornings.

Winter Activities in LA

Despite the cooler temperatures, winter in Los Angeles offers a variety of activities to enjoy. From holiday celebrations and light displays to outdoor ice skating rinks, there is no shortage of winter fun in the city. Additionally, exploring LA’s cultural attractions or coastal areas can provide a unique winter experience.

How Cold Does La Get in Winter

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Frequently Asked Questions For How Cold Does La Get In Winter

How Cold Does La Get In Winter?

The winter temperatures in Los Angeles typically range from 40-60°F (4-16°C) but can drop to the 30s (around 0°C) on the coldest nights.

What Should I Wear In La During Winter?

Dress in layers with a light jacket or sweater during the day and add a heavier coat for the cooler evenings.

Are There Any Winter Activities In Los Angeles?

Yes, Los Angeles offers various winter activities, such as ice skating at Pershing Square, holiday light displays, and festive events.

Do I Need To Be Cautious Of Any Weather-related Issues In La During Winter?

While rare, there can be occasional rainstorms, so be mindful of potentially slick roads and sidewalks. It’s advisable to check the weather forecast.


While LA’s winter temperatures might not drop to freezing levels, being prepared for cooler weather is always advisable. With average low temperatures ranging from 46°F to 49°F, layering clothing and keeping an eye on the weather forecast will ensure you stay comfortable during the winter months in the City of Angels.



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